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Take a look at some of the feedback we have gotten from participants in our workshops and seminars over the years.

"I have worked with Milestones for the past 2 years having been engaged in a superannuation fund wind up. My experience with the company has been very rewarding, not only have they bridged the communication gap between the trustees and the members but they have educated the members on retirement financial & lifestyle planning. The staff at Milestones have been committed, diligent and very responsive to the varying needs of members and trustees. Milestones offers flexibility, a personal touch and extensive knowledge this field at very attractive rates. I have enjoyed working with them." 

~ Development Bank of Jamaica-formerly National Development Bank

"I have benefitted immensely from the seminar." "keep up the good work." "I have learned a lot  of things because I was unaware of many things." "Food for thought- a lot to think about."- Salvation Army Officers from all Caribbean Territories abut workshop in 2011

 "This was a very enlightening workshop which enhanced my understanding of the aspects of retirement planning.." "I  have to go check for back money from my previous employer now!"- UCC staff about workshop in December 2010

"The workshop was an eye opener! I'm extremely happy I  attended." "A very eye opening an d informative session." "It opened my eyes to the amount of wealth I am sitting on."-JSE Staff about Workshop in December 2010

"This seminar should be done at leaast annually for employees and management."-BOJ Senior Executive "A very informative workshop that is highly recommended for presentation at all places of employment-public and private sector."-BOJ employee

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