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Glossary of terms

An approach to assigning a monetary value to work performed by employees. Compensation may include wages salary base pay overtime pay profit sharing vacations and all benefits employees receive in return for their
 Compound Interest
The interest upon principal that is being increased or augmented periodically by interest paid on the previous amount of principal. Interest may be compounded daily monthly quarterly semi-annually or annually.-
The arithmetic process of finding the final value of an investment or series of investments when compound interest is applied. That is interest is earned on the accrued interest as well as on the initial principal.-
 Compulsory Contributions
means contributions which are made by or on behalf of an active member as a requirement for participation by that member in an approved superannuation fund or approved retirement scheme.- The Pensions (Superannuation Funds & Retirement Schemes) Act 2006
 Compulsory Retirement
When the employee must retire when he or she reaches a given age. Now prohibited under ADEA if based solely on age except for certain executives or where public safety outweighs individual protection (e.g. airline pilots). Also known as automatic or mandatory retirement.-
 Computer Language
A group of symbols numbers letters words or a combination of these that can be used to communicate with the computer and cause it to perform desired operations for processing data.-
 Conflict of Interest
A situation that provides potential for self-dealing. For example a trustee has a conflict of interest if he or she has an interest in a construction project to be financed by the plan the trustee represents.-
A person or firm offering expert business professional or technical advice to an organization for a salary or fee.-
 Consumer Price Index
The name given in the United States and Canada to the series of numbers whose ratios measure the relative prices at various times of a fixed market basket of goods and services that typify those bought by urban families. The CPI is a measure of inflation.-
 Contingent Annuity Option
An option under which an employee may elect to receive under certain conditions a reduced amount of annuity with the same income or a specified fraction to be paid after his or her death to another person designated as his or her contingent annuitant for that person’s lifetime. The contingent annuitant is usually the husband or wife. See also Automatic Survivor Coverage; Joint and Survivor Annuity.-
 Continuous Service
All creditable service rendered by a member without a break in service including periods of absence for which salary is paid or for military
A promissory agreement between two or more persons that creates modifies or destroys a legal relation. In general it must have the following elements: creates an obligation competent parties subject matter legal consideration mutuality of agreement mutuality of obligation must not be so vague or uncertain that terms are not ascertainable and generally is in writing signed by both parties.-
means a periodic payment to an approved superannuation fund or approved retirement scheme by a member or a sponsor.- The Pensions (Superannuation Funds & Retirement Schemes) Act 2006
 Contribution year
for the purposes of these Regulations means the income tax year;- National Insurance (Self-Employed Persons' Wage-Related Contributions) Regulations. 1973.
 Core Competencies
Integrated skill and knowledge sets that distinguish an organization and deliver value to customers.-
 Cost-of-Living Adjustment
An across-the-board increase (or decrease) in wages or pension benefits according to the rise (or fall) in the cost of living as measured by some index often the consumer price index (CPI).-
 Cost-of-Living Allowance
In expatriate compensation the amount by which base pay is increased or decreased to adjust for a geographic area’s cost of living.-
 Cost/Benefit Analysis
A comparison of the cost of an action with the economic benefits it produces through elimination of other direct and indirect costs.-
 Credited Earnings
The maximum taxable income for each year that forms the basis for contributory Public benefits - National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and National Housing Trust (NHT).
 Credited Service
A period of employment before or after the effective date of the plan that is recognized as service for one or more plan purposes such as determination of benefit amounts entitlement to benefits and/or vesting.-
 Critical Care
Health care provided to acutely ill patients during a medical crisis usually within a critical care area such as an intensive care unit or coronary care unit.-
 Currency Devaluation
Action by the government or by the marketplace to reduce the value of a currency in relation to the currencies of other nations.-
 Currency Exchange Rate
The price of one currency stated in terms of another currency by bankers dealers and financial markets. (Compensation) The rate of pay at which labour demand and labour supply functions intersect in the external market.-
 Current Assets
Those assets of a company that are reasonably expected to be realized in cash or sold or consumed during the normal operating cycle of the business. These include cash U.S. government bonds receivables money due (usually within one year) and inventories.-
 Current Liability
Money owed and payable by a company usually within one year.-
 Current Service Benefit
The annuity payable for each year of participation in the plan after its adoption. That portion of a participant’s retirement benefit that relates to his or her credited service in a contemporary period (usually a year).-
 Current Value
Fair market value where available. Otherwise it is the fair value as determined in good faith by a trustee or a named fiduciary pursuant to the terms of the plan and in accordance with regulations of the secretary of labour assuming an orderly liquidation at the time of such determination.-
 Current Yield
Annual bond interest divided by market price per bond.-
A reduction of future benefits or augmenting of eligibility requirements in a qualified plan that causes a partial termination of the plan.-
 Custodial Care
General assistance in performing the activities of daily living as well as board room and other services generally provided on a long-term basis and that do not include a medical component.-

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