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NIS Benefit Increases

The following benefits payable under the National Insurance Scheme (NIS)

have been increased with effect from July 1, 2010.


Pensioners who have already received their pension order books will receive

the new rates in their next book, along with all the outstanding arrears.


                                                                        Existing                           New

Category of Benefit                                Weekly Rate                Weekly Rate


Old Age, Invalidity &

Widow’s/Widower’s Pension

·       Full Rate                                               $2,000                                   $2,400

·        3/4 Rate                                                $1,500                                   $1,800

·        1/2 Rate                                                $1,000                                   $1,200


Dependent Spouse’s Allowance                      $670                             $800

(Addition to Old Age/Invalidity Pension)


Orphan’s/Special Child’s Allowance  $3,500                            $4,200


Sugar Worker’s Pension                                  $1,000                                   $1,200


Special Anniversary Pension                           $1,000                                   $1,200


Employment Injury Benefit

And Disablement Pension                         $250 - $2,500             $320 - $3,200


Maternity Allowance                                      $4,070     (Linked to Minimum Wage)

(For Domestic Workers)                                                                                          


Type of Grant                                          Existing Grant              New Grant


Old Age, Invalidity &

Widow’s/Widower’s Grant                           $30,000                                  $40,000


Orphan’s/Special Child’s Grant                    $40,000                        $48,000


Funeral Grant                                                 $60,000                                  $70,000


For further information contact us toll free at 1-888-991-2089











The following NIGOLD benefit allocations have been increased with effect from

July 1, 2010.


Pensioners should continue to use their NIGOLD cards to access these benefits.



                                                                  Existing                                    New

Category of Benefit                      Annual Maximum               Annual Maximum


Prescription Drugs                                    $4,000                                   $5,000


Diagnostic Services                                  $3,000                                   $4,000


Dental & Optical Services                       $2,000                                    $3,000


The following NIGOLD benefit allocations have been renewed with effect from

April 1, 2010.


Category of Benefit                      Conditions                                    Maximum


Doctor’s Visit                                  maximum one per day                       $500


Consultation                                    referral only (per visit)            $1,000


Hospital Room & Board                 per night                                             $800


Hospital Miscellaneous                  per disability                                      $6,000


Hospital Outpatient                         per disability                                      $2,000


Surgeon’s Fee                                  per procedure (co-pay $1,000)         $30,000


Assistant Surgeon’s Fee                  per procedure (co-pay $500)   $12,000


Anaesthetist’s Fee                           per procedure (co-pay $500)   $12,000


Pensioners who have not yet received their Sagicor NIGOLD card should contact

your NIS Parish Office for further information.


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