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For Trustees and Employers

Trustees and Employers have a heavy responsibility. Milestones takes some of the load off.

Trustee Support Services

  • Attending Meetings, Minute Taking, Agenda Setting and Circulating, Meeting Organising
  • Budget Preparation
  • Training in Trustee Meetings on specific topics – one standard with options available for additional training
  • General consulting on Employer Sponsored Benefit programmes – includes, providing direction, research, and advice
  • Demystification of provider documents and correspondence
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Review, Creation of Members’ Handbooks
  • Creation of SIPPs


Financial Analysis and Accounting Services

  • Monthly Preparation of Accounts
  • Audit of Accounts
  • Consolidation of Accounts
  • Budget Preparation
  • Financial Analysis, including Due Diligence

Design and delivery of Membership Communication Programmes to Employees/Members of New, Active (including redundancy exercises), and Wind Up Approved Retirement Savings Programmes.

  • Explanation of Benefits applicable (State and private)
  • Retirement planning considerations
  • Legislation

Design and delivery of Training to Trustees/Employers

  • Legislation
  • Plan Design Considerations
  • Wind Up

Wind Up Services

  • Interpretation of Actuarial Wind Up Report
  • Member Communication

Member Communication

  • Review, Creation of Members’ Handbooks & Newsletters
  • Creation of SIPPs
  • Pension plan compliance reporting (carriers)

Co-ordination of the registration process

  • Creation of new constitutive documents and other documents required (Complaints Register, Conflict of Interest Policy Statement, SIPP)
  • Registration of Trustees
  • Registration of Fund
  • Product Development Consulting on Retirement Products


* Constitutive documents = Trust Deed, Master Trust Deed, Plan Rules, Schedules, and Amendments



Document Actions


for first portlets etc..


for second portlets etc..


for third portlets etc..